〘 hello, my name is akim, but i also go by asher and toki (he or prin pronouns). this is my carrd to go over some tips on how to create readable, pleasing to the eye information pages.〙

1. text size. one of the main issues that i see in carrds nowadays is the text size being too small. as a general rule of thumb, you don't want to decrease your text size to smaller than .875 otherwise it will be very hard to read for the average person.

2. text color. another common issue that I see is the color of the text being very hard to see. anything that is lighter than the mark on the color picker below is usually hard to read. mixing colors that don't mesh well is another issue. pink on white is not easy to read.

3. fonts. another common issue is the fonts themselves not being readable. cursive fonts are generally to be avoided, especially when they are heavy as the letters can get muddled together. here are some fonts i recommend for body text:



fira sans



4. too much undivided information. what i mean by this is people who list traits about themselves with no indicators to separate it. you shouldn't assume that people will know what you're talking about when you're trying to inform someone.

5. overlapping elements. while there is nothing inherently wrong with having too many elements in a carrd, an issue arises when those elements obscure each other and make it impossible for the reader to discern what they're looking at. having an absolute positioning element slapped over your name makes people unable to read your name.

6. oversharing. this doesn't necessarily mean that a carrd is hard to read, but it is unsafe for people to do this. nobody on the internet needs to know about your mental health diagnoses, no matter what their excuse is. if you do trust someone enough to share that info with them later on in a relationship, then sure. but strangers do not need to know what you're diagnosed with. this is basic internet etiquette that is taught in school and yet people are still divulging way too much information to strangers online.